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The Mankanzana Conservancy is located in the Adelaide area of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. The conservancy spans 80 000 hectares (197 000 acres). The Mankanzana Conservancy is a free roaming area where game can roam freely between farms without high game fences.

This is an excellent area for the hunting for wildlife such as kudu, waterbuck, lechwe, Vaal Rhebuck, mountain reedbuck, zebra, bushbuck, springbuck, warthog, bushpig, duiker and recently buffalo. The terrain is mostly mountains, well know as the Winterberg mountain and has mostly savanna veld with big open plains. 


The Winterberg mountains is an extensive east-west mountain range lying immediately north of the small towns of Bedford, Adelaide and Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Elevation on average is about 1800 metres above sea-level. The hunting area is around 100 000 hectares (247 000 acres).

The hunting area includes open plains with fewer trees and bushes. This is an excellent area for the hunting of Vaal Rhebuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Lechwe and Fallow Deer.


The Kat River Conservancy is located in the Fort Beaufort area of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. The conservancy spans 60 000 hectares (148 000 acres).

The hunting area has thick bush vegetation including Spekboom.
This is an excellent area for the hunting of Kudu, Nyala, Impala, Sable, Warthog, Waterbuck, Bushbuck and Duiker.


The Kalahari region is a remote area in the north western part of South Africa where we primarily hunt lion. This semi-arid region straddles three Southern African countries - South Africa, Namibia and more than half of Botswana.

The dry climate means that the terrain consists mainly of sandy savannah. Despite its often harsh environment, this 'desert' is known for its prolific variety of animal species.
This is an excellent area for the hunting of Buffalo, Lion, Sable, Eland, Kudu, Springbuck and Oryx (Gemsbuck).

Kowie Conservancy

This area is located on the coast close to the town Port Alfred. It's the smaller area, but well known for most of the tiny 10 animals like Oribi, Blue Duiker, Common Duiker, Cape Grysbuck. This area ranges right on the Indian ocean. 

De Beer Safaris has several more hunting areas in the Eastern Cape and other provinces in SA. We also hunt our neighbouring countries Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

About De Beer Safaris

De Beer Safaris is situated in the heart of the Eastern cape, two and half hours drive from Port Elizabeth and East London. Camp is about half hour drive from a beautiful little town called, Adelaide. Your host, Willem de Beer is the operator and owner of De Beer Safaris and will accommodate you throughout your safari. Willem is well known in the community as well as surrounding communities which allows him access to endless hunting. He grew up on the farm Marshall vale and has all the necessary knowledge to make your safari unforgettable guaranteed! De Beer Safaris is your ultimate one stop safari destination.
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