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You will have daily laundry service while staying at our lodge, so no more than 3-4 sets of safari clothes are needed.
Our busy season is late February until mid-October. The Winter months, when it is most pleasant are from May until early September. We can hunt year-round, but be ready for the heat from late October until late February
About 80% of our clients do this, as they do not want to travel with their own rifle internationally. If you fly through London, which is much cheaper sometimes, then you will not be able to bring a rifle, so this is the best option.
You only pay for the animals you harvest (or wound) at the end of the day. We can change packages to fit your desires or needs, and can also build custom hunting packages for you. If you want to substitue an animal, we can do so, though due to our already discounted packages, we may not apply all 100% of the substition based on our trophy fees...you might get 80-90% of the value instead.
The average shot with rifle for Plainsgame would be under 200 yards. If you are comfortable taking longer shots, that is OK as well, but please practice shooting from sticks and standing up, as this is the scenario most of the time. We will range the animal for you, so you will know the distance. If Bow Hunting, most of blinds are set up for 20-35 yards shots, next to a water hole.
South Africa is as safe as anywhere else in the World. We will pick you up at either Port Elizabeth or East London. We are a malaria free area and you also don't need any other shots.
We will skin and salt your capes at the lodge free of charge, anyway you like, i.e. Lifesize, Shoulder Mount, Rug, etc. A trusted dipping company will come to the lodge to pick up your trophies to dip, boil the skulls, clean horns, crate and process paperwork for export...they will send you an invoice for this 1-2 months later via email. Then the crate is picked up by an export agent, and they will send you a quote for shipping back to your country, typicall via Air Freight. It is recommend to have an import agent in your home country to receive this crate with your trophies, and then they can either forward on to your taxidermist, or send directly to your home via Ground freight.
You are allowed to bring 2 guns per hunter of different caliber, and up to 200 rounds of ammunition per rifle. If you are hunting dangerous game, you must have a .375 minimum. For plainsgame, we recommend a 300 mag or similar. Ammunition we prefer would be Nosler Bonded or Barnes Triple X.
Mobile Phone (Call your service provider before you leave to make sure you have international service. We do have WIFI at the lodge, but it can be intermittent (this is Africa). Your mobile phone will work in most areas, but we encourage you to turn-off your data, so you are not billed at data rates which can be excessive.
We will typical provide you with a final invoice the evening before you depart for home. Any deposits you've made previously will be applied, and you can either pay your balance in USD or RAND Cash, Traveller's Checks, or Credit Card. There is a 4% fee to be charged when using a credit card.

About De Beer Safaris

De Beer Safaris is situated in the heart of the Eastern cape, two and half hours drive from Port Elizabeth and East London. Camp is about half hour drive from a beautiful little town called, Adelaide. Your host, Willem de Beer is the operator and owner of De Beer Safaris and will accommodate you throughout your safari. Willem is well known in the community as well as surrounding communities which allows him access to endless hunting. He grew up on the farm Marshall vale and has all the necessary knowledge to make your safari unforgettable guaranteed! De Beer Safaris is your ultimate one stop safari destination.
South Africa: 
Willem de Beer
Tel: +27 83 234 2472
Esteban Clucellas
Tel: +54 934 261 28996
Joaquin Vadillo
Tel: +34 682 531 888
Brennan Smith
Tel: +1(817) 205 1840
Steve Larson
Tel: +1(701) 833 8131
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